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Italdesign is a service company providing design, engineering and production for the transportation industry, through to final testing and type-approval and support into starting of production and the design of complete Business models.

Italdesign, a full-scale design and engineering campus and a cutting edge development and prototyping center, is based in Moncalieri, Torino, Italy. It has 1000 employees in Italy, Germany and Spain. Italdesign offers its services to all interested parties worldwide.

Research and innovation has enabled a continuous growth, along with the ability to choose competent and motivated people, united by passion for excellence: we are looking for enthusiasts on IT, mechanics, electronics and new technologies to develop the car of the future.

In 2018 Italdesign was recognized by Universum as one of the most attractive Italian companies and awarded for the third year in a row as Top Employer in Italy.

Chi cerchiamo

Cerchiamo profili da inserire all’interno dei dipartimenti di ingegneria, finance, purchasing, project management, mobility solutions, produzione e qualità.

Laureati in ingegneria meccanica, aerospaziale, elettronica, informatica, meccatronica, elettrica ed energetica.

Laureati in Economia; in Lingue e Letterature straniere.

Il candidato ideale è appassionato di auto e ha una particolare attitudine all’innovazione e al pensiero creativo.

Progetti ed iniziative

Progetti inerenti i nuovi concetti di mobilità e i nuovi trend nel campo automotive, quali:
guida autonoma, HMI, motori elettrici, smart cities e smart mobilities.

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