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The Kraft Heinz Company is revolutionizing the food industry – we will be the most profitable food company powered by the most talented people with an unwavering commitment to our communities, leading brands, and the highest product quality in every category in which we compete. As a global powerhouse, Kraft Heinz represents over $ 26.5 billion in revenue and is the 5th largest food and beverage company in the world. At Kraft Heinz, to be the BEST food company, growing a BETTER world is more than a dream – it is our GLOBAL VISION.  To be the best, we want the best – best brands, best practices, and, most importantly, the best people.

Do more, be more. Whatever your aspirations, experience something exceptional at Kraft Heinz. We’ll give you the freedom to determine your own direction and deliver in your own style. Outperform our expectations and you’ll move forward faster than you ever thought possible.  Come ready to dream. Come eager to grow.

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We are looking for extremely talented recent graduates or graduating from management, industrial, financial, chemical, materials engineering, economics, statistics; university qualification preferably equivalent to Upper Second-Class Degree or a Master degree for Mainland Europe. Chemical and materials engineering students will have the opportunity to be involved in factory activities, while management, industrial, financial engineering, as well as graduates / graduating in economics and statistics, will experience commercial or support functions.

Max. Working experience: 1 year after graduation – Impressive extra-curricular

During a 6-month internship, you will experience a real business project in one functional area: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Category, Supply Chain, or HR. The project will also be an opportunity in which you will work interacting with all different functions, giving you a unique preparation to be successful as a future leader within Kraft Heinz.

What we ask is just:

  • Motivation: Come ready to dream. Come eager to grow.
  • Flexibility: your career journey from that point forward is not governed by a set path and not limited to one function or tenure required in the role. Promotions are given to those who deserve, based purely on meritocracy. Interns successful in the program will experience accelerated career opportunities and exposure to responsibilities and aspects of our business that are extremely rare to be seen so early in a career path.
  • Communication Skills: Kraft Heinz will easily expose you to senior management, no matter your level. Therefore, it’s important you have excellent communication skills, to deal with all kinds of different stakeholders.
  • Analytical mindset: We’re a very data-driven company. You know how to translate complex data into a simple solution with your analytical attitudes.
  • Result-driven: You don’t only focus on your own results, but always do what’s best for the company.
  • High pressure: You don’t get easily stressed by pressure, on the opposite, a demanding and dynamic environment is what keeps you energized.
  • Team player: Achieving results is nice, but achieving results with the team is simply the best. You’re a team player, which means you’re sometimes a leader, sometimes a follower but always working towards the same common goal.

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Numero dipendenti

200 (Milano, sede operativa ) - 300 (Latina, factory/sede legale)

Sedi aziendali

Sede operativa: Via San Bovio 1-3, 20900 Milano
Sede legale: Via Migliara 45, 04100 Latina

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